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Music Lesson Solutions


We would like to keep your children's minds and musical enjoyment active.

We have online teaching available for the students. We would be happy to teach them on line until this virus pandemic is over. Would this work for you?

We also are being very vigilant with hand washing, cleaning of instruments, keeping distances, using different instruments for demonstration purposes. Eg teacher on one piano, student on the other and of course washing the keys inbetween the students. You may choose this method or online...whatever your preference.

We also have our home visit teaching .... with vigilant hand washing and distance kept.

Students could keep their times or arrange more convenient times if needed.

Please email or phone Pamela Smirl at 2502139343 or


Rina Elnahas at 2502138283 or


Michael Smirl at 2502139635 or


Pamela Smirl


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