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Amazing PJ Students

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Conservatory Canada Awards and Diplomas

The annual convocation ceremony at Conservatory Canada is our opportunity to acknowledge the many talented musicians who undertake our examinations, and to recognize their achievements in person. Each year we award over 180 medals and more than $30,000 in scholarships to students across the country. We also present Associate and Licentiate Diplomas, including an Honorary Licentiate Diploma awarded to an acclaimed musician or pedagogue who has made significant contributions to their musical community.

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Nirvika Pillay

Congratulations Nirvika for receiving Conservatory Canada Award in Theory and for receiving Top Marks in BC!!

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Roberta Iuvale

Congratulations Roberta on receiving the Conservatory Canada Book Award and for receiving top marks in BC!!

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Roberta Iuvale

Congratulations Roberta on receving




Eric came in second in a local and an international competition with this piece.  

click on the  link or the photo to see a video of his wonderful playing of Jazz Exercise No. 2 by Oscar Peterson 

Please take a moment to enjoy this performance by one of our amazing students. 

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Joy Wright Memorial Citizenship Award
Florence Win
Isabella Win
Caitlyn Ledohowski

Outstanding Achievement Trophy
Sarah Chapeskie
Taya Lee
Seoyoon Lee
Wishva Kosgoda

Cup of Excellence
Isabelle Liang
Naomi El-Nahas
Danae Kong
Mythri Ushettige
Dome Jiang
Chaz Gelico

Quinnlyn Noah Stamford Plaque
Sarah Ponce de Leon
Quinn Obrien
Benjamin Bergen
Kevin Britto
Gabriel Brouwer
Isaac Salvador-Brown

Sylvia Rickard Award for Creativity
Aurora Finkle
Emma l Houchin
Madison Houchin
Katy Honkenan
Samuel Li

Ensemble Plaque
Sarah Chapeskie
Seoyoon Lee
Wishva Kosgoda
Isabelle Liang
Naomi El-Nahas

Joy Wright Memorial Award for Young Musicians Who Show Dedication and Promise
Liam Murtagh
Charlotte Evanchiew
Mithra Ushettige
Jiyoon Lee
Leon Yong

Mentorship Award
Eric El-Naha
Aurora Finkle
Sarah Chapeskie

Sylvia Rickard Award for Creativity
Aurora Finkle
 Emma Houchin
Madison Houchin
Katy Honkenan
Samuel Li

Theory Award
Philip Dobias
Sarah Chapeskie
Emily Lait

Certificate of Merit
Juniper Jones
Segal Nagam
Theo Ruan
Trevor Van Dyk
Mia Nadra

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